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Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Myth of Church Leadership (5b)

Contrasts between
Followers of the Lord Jesus
Church Leaders 

3. Their assignments/tasks/responsibilities (job description):
     -the job description for each follower of Jesus is unique and personal. It is
       uniquely fitted by the Lord to the individual follower and in keeping with
       His plan for that follower.  (John 21:21,22)  Peter seeing him saith to
       Jesus, Lord, and what shall this man do?  Jesus saith unto him, If I will
       that he tarry till I come, what is that to thee? follow thou me.

     -the job description of each church leader is determined by the expectations
       of the group which has called him/her to lead them.  It is fitted by the
       group to their own perceived needs. I Samuel 8:19,20 “We will have a
       king over us; that we also may be like all the nations; and that our
       king may judge us, and go out before us, and fight our battles.

4. Their rewards/benefit package:
     - the Lord Jesus’ followers will be made fishers of men Matt.4:19
     - those who are poor in spirit are blessed for theirs is the kingdom of
       heaven Matt.5:3
     - those who mourn are blessed for they shall be comforted Matt.5:4
     - those who are meek are blessed for they shall inherit the earth.
     - those who hunger and thirst after righteousness are blessed for they
        shall be filled Matt.5:6
     - those who are merciful are blessed for they shall obtain mercy.
     - those who are pure in heart are blessed for they shall see God.
     - those who are peacemakers are blessed for they shall be called the
        children of God. Matt.5:9
     - those who are persecuted for righteousness sake are blessed for theirs
        is the kingdom of heaven. Matt.5:10
     - those whom men revile, persecute and say all manner of evil against
        falsely for Jesus’ sake  are to rejoice and be exceeding glad for great
        is their reward in heaven for so were the prophets persecuted
        which were before them. Matt.5:11,12
     - those who do and teach the Lord Jesus’ commandments shall be
        called great in the kingdom of heaven. Matt.5:19
     - those who refuse to swear any oaths, but let their yea be yea and their
        nay nay,…
     - those who resist not evil, but rather turn the other cheek…
     - those who are sued at the law and whose coat is taken but let them
       have his cloke also…
     - those who are compelled to go a mile but go the second mile as well, ….
     - those who give generously to those who ask of them and do not turn
        away from those who would borrow of them….
     - those who not only love their neighbours, but also love their enemies,
        bless those who curse them, do good to those who hate them, pray for
        them that despitefully use them and persecute them… have the great
        honour of demonstrating to others their Father’s likeness (who
        makes his sun to rise on the evil and the good and sends his
        rain on the just and on the unjust)!  Matt.5:34-48
     - those who do their alms, their praying and their fasting secretly will be
       rewarded openly by their heavenly Father.  Matt.6:1-6,17,18
     - those who seek first his kingdom and righteousness will have all their
        necessities of life provided….food , drink and clothing. 
     - those who come to him burdened and heavy laden, he will give them
        rest Matt.11:28
     - those who take his yoke upon them and learn of him will find rest to
        their souls for his yoke is easy and his burden is light.
     - those who will be your minister  will be great among you. Matt.20:26
     - those who will be your servant will be chief among you. Matt.20:27
     - those whom give generously to others will receive generous giving
        from others. Luke 6:38
- those who believe on the Lord Jesus will not perish but have
   everlasting  life and are not condemned.   John 3:15,16,18
      - those who drink of the water the Lord Jesus gives will never thirst but
        the water that he gives will be in them a well of water springing
        up to everlasting life. John 4:14
      - those who reap in the Lord’s harvest field receive wages and gather
        fruit unto life eternal.  John 4:36
      - those who come to Jesus will never hunger and those who believe on
         him will never thirst.  John 6:35
       - those who eat Jesus flesh and drink his blood have everlasting life,
         will be raised up in the last day, they dwell in him and he dwells
         in themJohn 6:54-56
       - those who do as their Lord did, i.e. washing one another’s feet and not
          taking place greater than their Lord will be happy. John 13:14-17
       - those who love each other as  the Lord Jesus loved them will be known
          as His disciples.  John 13:34,35
       - those who believe on the Lord Jesus will do the works that He did
         and greater works John 14:12
      - those who ask anything in His name will have what they ask that the
         Father  may be glorified. John 14:13,14
      - those who keep the Lord Jesus commandments love him and those who
         love him will be loved by the Father, by the Lord Jesus himself,
         the Lord Jesus will manifest Himself to them and he and the
         Father will come and make their abode with them. John 14:21-23
       - those who abide in him will bring forth much fruit. John 15:5
       - those who abide in him and his words abide in them will ask what
         they will and it shall be done for them.  John 15:7
       - those who labor with their own hands to meet their own needs, the needs
         of others and to support the weak will be more blessed in giving than
          receiving.  Acts 20:33-35

   -church leaders receive “benefit packages” that vary greatly depending on
    who it is that hires them. But their benefits just do not compare to those
    promised by  the Lord, Himself!